How long did it take for Blue Cross to approve your ivig treatment!

Forever!! My doctor's office was trying to get a pre-cert (pre-certification) on it, but then I called the same dept (not just customer service) and they ended up giving me the pre-cert number/info...then I immediately called my doctor's and gave the info to the insurance rep...and finally we started IVIG. Hopefully this helps :)

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely keep this in mind. Do you have CIDP?

I have BCBS also. They approved it the day after diagnosis. It was a 5 day loading dose in the hospital. The doctor had to push for me to remain on regular treatments. I wonder how many of us start with a 5 day loading dose and if it is given in the hospital or at home.

Mine will be given in hospital. Were there any special testing other than the normal that BCBS required?

If I have your question right, I had emg/ncv that verified, my protein was only slightly elevated. It took 3 spinals over 3 days to show minor elevation. The many other tests' results were all negative. They tested everything for 3 days and nights before the diagnosis. I started ivig on the 4th day. Did 2 doses in hospital then 3 at home. They may have kept me longer but I asked if I could finish outpatient. They did adjustments in hospital; brand name and speed because I wasn't tolerating initially. They thankfully found what worked though. I felt improvement 5 days after the final loading dose. That was one of the happiest days of my life.