Kidney issues

Sorry have been gone for so long, the usual, been in the hospital (icu twice). Anyone have weird blood test results, electrolytes, potassium, carbon dioxide, or sodium. First my potassium went low, paralysis took over. Then carbon dioxide went off, causes body to be acidic. Sodium all over the place.It is pointing to kidney failure, ultr-sound is abnormal to the point my kidneys are doing something they have not seen before. They are doing more tests, but the thinking it my have something to do with CMT, because it's weird.

Anyone else baffle 2 hospitals,i'm not going for a record.

CM said:


It has been my experience with CMT that we do not metabolize some things the same, as the "normal"and our body doesn't use it the same way so sometimes too much of something can toxicate and "poison" our system; I find great amounts of protein for me is not even the normal amount for others who do not have CMT. I am severely anemic and have been since birth, as never have processed and absorbed iron the same as others seem to; But, when I add those things in concentrated form my body gets worse and make some severely ill. I believe they are correct that many imbalances and secondary issues can be caused by CMT b/c of the metabolism not functioning the same. This reason causing, in the end, many of us to be prone to diabetic issues, obesity, fibromyalgia, heart weakness/erratic heartbeat, blood pressure concerns, asthma/respiratory/breathing issues, kidney issues and so on it goes.

"Neck bone connected to the head bone" everything works of the electrical system of the body and the nerves are the electricity conducting to all parts to work or not work, so yes, very well could be directly related to CMT. Our DNA coding changes our map to tell the body where to send certain things to be used or signals are affected and interrupted so slower or do not make it to the destination. I don't know if you can use this information to better understand your situation but logic tells me CMT is an overall factor to consider in anything else that might malfunction in our body! "Normal" persons have these other issues as well, but possibly for different reasons that might be corrected. For us, we cannot change our dNA coding or map so, this is the reason the issue might not be fixed. However, being aware and being proactive and work on prevention or counter acting the problems might be management rather a fix but manage our disease and its limits.