Lawsuit for CIDP Vaccine Fund

Has anyone retained a lawyer for the Vaccine Fund due to the Flu shot triggering their CIDP? Just wondering about the outcome. I have a lawsuit pending. It has taken about three years for the process. At this point the government has offered me a settlement of a lump sum to settle without going to litigation. I have gone back and forth a few times because the first offer was really low. My lawyer said that they always low-ball you on their first offer. We have gone back and forth about three times. They have offered me a final amount. I either have to take it or start the process of litigation. My lawyer advises me I can do either. But if we go to court and litigate the case it can draw it out a few more years (I don't care about how long because I am asking for the settlement to put away for my retirement when I don't have private insurance - so that is a ways out). But I am worried, my lawyer said sometimes after litigation the judge does not rule in the patients favor and you actually could end up with less. She said it comes down sometimes to who is assigned to your case. The lawyer said that the obtain experts to testify on my behalf to state that yes, CIDP can be caused by the flu shot, etc. She said it is completely up to me whether I want to settle now, out of court and be done or go on with litigation. I am not sure what to do. Has anyone gone forward with litigation because they thought the government was just offering too little for compensation? I only went forward with a lawsuit to try and get some funds to put away to help supplement the IVIG once I am of age of retirement. I am worried about Medicare paying for the IVIG and I don't want to be forced to take some other form of treatment since I am getting good results from the IVIG. I did not plan for this huge expense for my future and am not set up to be able to pay for them myself. I truly feel that since the flu shot caused my CIDP (it has pretty much been proved by my neurologist since I was perfectly healthy and then 10-15 days after I got the H1N1 vaccine my symptoms showed up - nothing else could have triggered this response). Anyway, just hoping to get some advise before I move forward. Thank you.