Long lasting side effects?

I’m 27 and had GBS when I was 4. I made a full recovery with no left over side effects or symptoms… except maybe one.
I tire very easily, can sleep all day and night for days in a row and still feel unrested. My doctor has done tests over the years but doesn’t know what’s up. I mentioned about reading that GBS can cause fatigue years after but she brushed it off.
It has been over 20 years but could it be linked?
I only ask because if it could be then maybe I can get it sorted. The constant overwhelming need to sleep really affects my day to day life.
Any ideas? Am I clutching at straws?
Thanks for any advice

close to 4yrs into this crazy little thing they call gbs, and fatigue is still very present and my body will shut me down. my leg become jelly and and achy , that’s my sign to rest. one hr. sometimes is all it take, but then 24 - 48 hr. other times or more. when I get ill with colds allergys ect. ect. ect. it seems worst of all. hey hope this helps no can explain it mystifys me. one min. doing so well to absolutely no energy at all. I’m also almost twice your ago so some of mine might be old age, lol

Hi Lou, I wonder if we can get more GBS members to weigh-in on this: What long lasting side effects of GBS have you guys experienced after recovery? How do you cope with fatigue?