Members in the Cape Town, South Africa

Hi! Everyone out there.

I am a young 77 years of age but only a one day member. I have just been diagnosed with CIDP and most of the members seem to be in the US of A. I am wondering if there are any Capetonians around? If so perhaps we can get in contact.

Seadog, it looks like we have a few fellow South Africans for you to connect with:

One thing you might consider is opening a subgroup for South Africans with CIDP. It gives you a place to connect on a regular basis and talk about meetups, etc. To form one, just click on "Groups" at the top of the page, and then the "add" button.

Welcome to the group. Hopefully you are getting treatment and your condition is stable.

Hi there!

I'm living in Rustenburg NW but my dad is the 'patient' (from Pretoria)and he starts his treatment TODAY ;-) he has got 5 days Polygam to look forward to. We are all sitting in GREAT anticipation to see the outcome. Can you maybe help us with what to expect? We desperately want to see as much improvement as possible but were wondering how you all found the treatment?