My brother has GBS... cant wait to see him walk again!

Hi everyone.

I want to start off by thanking everyone on this site for their war welcomes. You guys really made my day, its good to know my brother and my family is not alone in this struggle. The onset of GBS came in the end of 2012. My older brother is the oldest of us 3 kids. Hes 44, im 30. I moved in with him to help handle his daily needs. I feed him, help him with the bathroom, and pretty much the list goes on. Its a very difficult situation and ive even left school for the moment to handle things at the house. Some days I wake up a little extra depressed and I don't ever want to make my brother feel like hes a burden. what should I do to lighten my mood? lighten my load? I hate the fact that the recovery process for gbs takes FOREVER! Im hanging in there and remembering it could be worse.. if theres one thing ive learned from this condition.... PATIENCE. we cant rush recovery and we cant ask ourselves why over and over because those answers never come. Im hoping for brighter days ahead.

How are you, Drea. I wanted to let you know about our Caregiver Support Community. I think it would be helpful to you. There is a link to it in the right column of the Main Page of the website. How is your brother?