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Hi! I am a CIDP patient in remission (hopefully permanently). In the Spring of 2013, my legs started getting weak and then I started to fall down, which put me in the emergency ward. In the hospital they diagnosed me with CIDP, gave me IVIG, kept me for 5 days and then sent me to hospital rehab for 3 weeks. Both my legs and my arms were quite numb and tingly. After rehab, I was sent home with no follow-on CIDP meds and have had none since. Progress at home (walking, stair climbing, getting out of chairs, etc) was quite slow and depressing. Then after about 2-3 weeks, there was a rapid change and things started improving much faster (don't know the reason for this). My arms and hands got back to about 98% recovery but the legs were a little slower, but I can now walk 2 miles, climb 100 stairs and have removed all the "blocks" we used to raised the chairs so I could get out of them. I can pretty much do everything I did before the onset, only at a slower speed! Where I was really lucky was that during this entire time I had ZERO-NO pain, just tiredness in my legs. Looking at the discussions, I know I got off easy and have this little black cloud over my head called "possible relapse". I was hoping I could get some insight into that possibility but looking at the discussions it seems it is very patient specific, with no real guidelines. I go to the gym to strengthen my arms, shoulders to help the legs (which don't seem to improve too much with the gym work)-- anyway, I'll be happy if I can just stay where I am at now. Glad I found this site, a wealth of information!


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