New to CIDP

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with MMN last year in February. I got my first treatment the second week in March. I went to the hospital not being able to stand, walk, sit up and use my hands. Within two weeks the Neurologist diagnosed me with MMN. He sent me to another Neurologist in June of this year and the New one diagnosed me to CIDP it seems to match my side effects better. He went by the EMG test results, I had two. Right now I can use my hands. Which I got total function back into them. I have no sensory loss. I can walk with a walker only 15 ft. I can sit up but no more than a few hours. My side effects are muscle spasms, sharp shooting pains once in awhile, and major fatigue all the time. I do not have the spasms and shooting pains everyday. But, I do have the fatigue all the time. I get the IVIG once a week. A nurse comes into my home to do it. I am really home bound because I can not leave my home without help. In a week I will be 58 years old and this has changed my life immensely. My question is did anyone get diagnosed with something else before they found out they had CIDP.


I hope you are feeling better. I also have MMN and CIDP with the sensory issues though. I wasn't diagnosed with MMN until I moved and switched neuros and then he said I had the sensory issues also. I'm fatigued a lot of the time, I am losing function in my hands and my feet are turning to blocks of ice, they are numb 24/7. I feel like I have wool knee socks on all the time with cinder blocks at the end of my legs. I am not on any treatments at all at this time, I have had adverse reactions to all that have been tried. I took a nasty spill yesterday at the grocery store because my legs wouldn't support me any longer, I know that things are progressing and nothing else can be done for me, so as for now its all in God's hand's. ~Blessings, Char

Char68 what treatments have you had. Before I got the IVIG I couldn't move at all. I was bed bound. In the hospital. When I got the IVIG I started to move again. I guess I should be happy with what I can do considering what I was like before. I had bad reaction to the IVIG when I first got it. Headache for days, blotchy skin. Nausea. My nurse slowed the rate down and I drink alot of water before and after the infusion and that helps me.