Newbie with IVIG questions

I'm new to the site and CIDP for that matter. Diagnosed recently but symptoms started a year ago. Before that, I was a fairly active and even athletic 45 year old despite my autoimmune problems (type 1 DM, hypothyroid, vitiligo). Anyway, I just finished a 5 day loading dose of IVIG. I initially had 5-10 minutes of toe burning after the sessions but it was less each time and I think my toes are warmer now. So I chalked that up to a positive response.

But my main symptoms are thigh weakness, thigh burning and unsteadiness (can't run, walking is off, balance is off). The stronger the burning/pain, the weaker the legs. After each infusion, I felt like my symptoms were worse for the rest of the day but they would settle down after a night's sleep to their usual levels. Then 2 days after the infusion ended, the symptoms came roaring back, with the burning being incredibly intense and leg muscle twitching. The weakness is ever so slightly better, the balance is the same, but the pain is more intense.

Does anyone experience this? Do the sensory symptoms lag the motor symptoms? Or is there a trade off? Motor is better and sensory is worse? Is it too early to tell? Is the increase in strength just from sitting on my butt for a week? Sorry, just don’t know where to turn for the answers for all my questions.

thank you for the reply and advice! I had some funky things during the IVIg therapy, like it felt like someone was tickling my right knee occasionally and I would have buzzing in my ankle, but they both went away after treatment. Sounds like this happens.

so, I'll keep my eye on the big picture and go to PT and await my next treatment with (very) guarded optimism!