Other young (under 30) people with CIDP?

I think that it would be helpful to know others close to my age to share experiences and support with. Even though there are people of many ages here, our age is an important aspect as it certainly plays a part in the emotional experience of CIDP. Having others who can relate can definitely help with the stress of dealing with this disease.

I’m 19, currently waiting for a diagnosis. In about 6 months I went from being able to cycle 3000 miles across the US to wheelchair dependence. I started out with fatigue that slowly became severe, followed by muscle weakness and generalized nerve pain, and as those worsened I developed numbness and tingling that has since spread to cover my entire body.

hi how are you doing im mike and im 22 years-old. not much older than you, So sorry to hear about your journey with cidp. i kno the mental damage is tuff to deal with. cycling 3000 miles to a wheel chair is just madness!! my symptoms are not that bad nor are they progressing at the rate yours did. im starting to think maybe this is something else. the dr mentioned cidp, i did a google search and went into panic mode immediately!

The speed of my progression seems to be unusual, so I think you should wait for a doctor’s opinion before ruling anything out.

I've always wanted to start this discussion. I'm 23. The CIDP started about five years ago so I've gotten to know the ins and outs a bit. I was in a wheelchair, now I'm a yoga instructor, about to head off to law school. Feel free to ask anything. It can be hell but there's definitely reason to have hope with this condition!