Pain in legs

I didn't get any answers when I put this under the symptoms section. So I thought I might have better luck under general discussion. I have been having lots of pain in my right leg from my knee to my foot. I never lost the ablity to walk. Just got very hard for a few days. My right leg seems to be worse. My left foot and ankle hurt too. Just wondering how many of you out there have pain during recovery in your legs? I am going to my neuro on Monday to see if he can provide some relief other then what I am doing.

Oh and the pain is not a cramp type pain. Its just a general pain. Hard to explain.

Is the general pain like an ache or a burn? Are your legs heavy as well?

Yes, I have pain in my legs - shins, ankles, feet - general heaviness and ache. It was worse initially. Now the pain is only if I over exert myself, walk too much or too many stairs. If it is pins& needles type pain or nerve/stabbing type pain, that is supposedly from the nerve regeneration. Gabapentin prescription will help.

It’s more of slight burning pain. Like my muscles have been over worked. The more I use them the worse it gets. I get the really sharp pains here and there. Not as often. My calves feel like they need to be stretched. But that does not really help. No my legs don’t feel heavy anymore. Just the pain.

My legs were very achy and tight early on in my recovery. My hamstrings and calves always felt stiff and like they needed to be stretched, but I couldn’t get relief. It has gotten better over time. My calves still feel a bit tight from time to time, but it doesn’t really bother me that much. I haven’t gotten all my flexibility back, but it’s coming along. Early on I used acupuncture (done by a physiotherapist) in my calves, hips and hamstrings, and I did get quite a bit of relief. Currently I find that yin yoga poses (held for 3-5 minutes) provide a lot of relief in my back and shoulders when I get achy in my back. Holding for 30 seconds does nothing, but the really long holds work pretty well for me now (it helps stretch the fascia). If you want to try, every day put a belt (or something similar) across the bottom of your feet, pull back until you feel a good stretch, and hold for 3-5 minutes while breathing deep. Regardless, hopefully knowing that it can get better will give you some relief.

I had burning pain in my legs after all of the initial trauma with numbness. They would feel so tight too and I would regularly get massages. But the thing that helped me the most was the physical therapist that I went to twice a week. She would do a dura stretch of my spine that was amazing-think it stretched the fascia. It would cause the tightened muscles in my body to release. I tried to do it at home but could never do it as good as she could. She said that weak muscles sometimes tighten up to support your body. She said that muscles have memory and you can get into a pain cycle where when the muscle gets tired it automatically tightens. She said that you need to retrain the body to relax instead when it gets tired and not tighten up. She said with practice, you can reverse this process and prevent a pain cycle. It was well worth it. Eventually that pain went completely away. My Neurologist told me that the burning pain in my legs was nerve regeneration. That went away too with time. With this re-flare I've again had the tightening but not the burning so it definitely hasn't been as bad. Just doing the PT about once a week. Hope to recover again soon! At least I know that it can get better.