Part 2 The situation

Jim spent nearly four years trapped inside himself. To the casual observer he appeared to be in a coma like state, but he later explained that he had heard and was aware of what was going on around him. He told me about my visit to the home where he saw an Angel. I was shocked to learn he was aware during that time and that he had seen an Angel. Jim also discussed the traumatic pain he endured when moved; a Hoyer lift allowed his legs to bend causing his hamstring great trauma. Yet he could not cry out.

Also during this time Jim lost his ability to blink. As a result his eyes dried out and were severely damaged. As his hands and feet lay without motion they lost their usefulness. His feet developed dropsy and his hand/finger joints froze and the tendons lost their elasticity. One machine fed Jim while another helped him to breathe. His belongings were sold to pay medical expenses.

When he recovered from his coma like state, Jim told of experiences that were not very encouraging. People were always after him, in this dream world, trying to kill him. Then he’d wake up and hear the sounds of his room again. The dream world was gone. Yet his faith and trust in Jesus remains solid. He speaks often of the Lord’s comfort during these trying times.

Did any of you experience circumstances like Jim’s? Were you physically pained or did a dream world overtake you?