Plasmapheresis on weekends

I have been getting plasmapheresis for a year. I am now receiving it once every 3 weeks. I can’t keep taking a day off of work every 3 weeks to do the plasmapheresis. I need to find a hospital that does plasmapheresis on weekends to keep my job. I’m willing to travel to do the procedure. Does anybody know of a hospital in Indianapolis that does plasmapheresis on weekends? If not Indianapolis then I can travel to Detroit, Chicago or Cincinnati if anyone knows a facility that does plasmapheresis there on weekends. Any help is appreciated.

I live in Northern Lower Michigan, and I have a girl friend who has TTP, and the tx for that is is the plasmapheresis. She told me the only place that she can get that done is at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, but I don't know if they do it on weekends or not. But if it comes to my having to have that, I've been warned its a road trip south for it.