Round Rock, Austin, Pflugerville, Austin....Calling All Central Texans!

I am in Round Rock and I am struggling! I was diagnosed and treated 09/2012 and still battling against weakness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, identity, and pain. I would like to meet you! I am interested in starting a support group, strictly for Guillain-Barre survivors. Please reply back so we can get this going.


[contact details and full name removed by ModSupport] Anyone interested in Jessie's suggestion please send a friend request, and share details through PM.

Hi Jessica...I live in Pflugerville. I am starting a new support group...I am the facilitator for the American Chronic Pain Association. We have 0 members so it is brand new. I would love to meet with you sometime.

sounds good! when do you want to get together?

[Contact details removed by ModSupport] feel free to text friend me just let me know you are Shannon from GBS

Hi Jessie,

Just a word of recommendation -- it's better to add someone as a "Friend," then send them personal info, like your phone number. Just putting it on a regular post means it can be potentially picked up by anyone. We like to watch our for our member's privacy!

Cheers, LanceB

I understand.