Something to lift your spirits! Make the troubles irrelevant

If something is troubling you, or doesn’t agree with you, don’t fight it. Instead, make it irrelevant.

Create so much goodness in your life that it more than offsets the difficulties. Rather than fighting against the troubles on their level, rise above them to a level where they don’t have an impact.

Yes, you can do it. Because you have the powerful, amazing ability to direct your focus, your attention and the entirety of your spirit in any way you choose.

There are all sorts of negative things in life that you simply can’t do anything to erase. Fortunately, you don’t have to, because you can create a more positive and compelling alternative to each of them.

The troubles in life are very real, and yet they never have to get you down. Because you can choose to raise your spirit higher, and then bring the rest of the world along with you.

Instead of fighting against what you fear, build and nurture and strengthen what you love. Put so much love, joy, goodness and beauty in your life that there’s no room left for fear.

What a great outlook! Stay strong!