Stomach pains again

My 7 year old seemed to be fine for 2 months and had no adverse effects from the GBS she was treated for in October 12. Hoever, she is now complaining of stomach aches again throughout the day which last for a bout an hour. Nurofen is not touching it - is this normal, what can I do? Does it mean it is coming back again?

She has also fallen off her bike and stumbled at school in the last week - but says she shse is not feeling weak - is this a coincidence or more symptoms that should make me worry?

Thanks for your support

Thank you for your advice I will definately get the literature and look at the sites you have suggested.The stomach aches/cramps were the first symptoms last time, then weakness and stiffness in her neck, I just want to be able to control the pain - its horrid watching and there is nothing you can do to help.

good question.