Sural Nerve Biopsy

I had my Sural Nerve Biopsy on July 2nd. The Doctor/Surgeon was Dr. Jefferson Webster, and in my opinion a darn fine Guy.

He took the biopsy from the outside of my left lower ankle/top of heel. He said it was important for him to tie off/suture the nerve to ensure that when it tried to grow back it would not end with a large lump or mass resulting in pain.

I was to stay off my ankle (elevated) for 24 hours. The pain now is pretty no different than normal in that ankle.

It will take another 2 weeks for the results, and I am not sure what they will find, but the procedure was not as bad as I expected.

45-ankle.jpg (2.13 MB)

I had mine in May still have some scabbing but using aloe off me plant. Good luck

No need to reply. My diagnosis was confirmed using other methods.

Is this to diagnose CIDP?

This biopsy was used to determine what course of action needs to be next and to rule out any other causes for my symptoms (other muscle diseases) From what I understand different pharmaceuticals can be used if the Neuro knows where and what kind of damage to the myelin sheath is. I don't understand the big words, but from what I understand the damage can be from the inside or the outside (I might be wrong)