Talking with kids about symptoms

Newbie here. My dh has CIDP and the progression has escalated at an alarming rate the last 6 months or so. We have 2 kiddos (6.5 yo & 22 months). Older one has anxiety issues and looking for advice on how to explain dh's pain and low activity level in a way that he might understand at least in part. TIA!

I would just be honest with them and explain what you can. Don't offer any more information then their little minds can handle. In the mean time, spend quality time with them in the capacity that your significant is able, and work on wellness. I am also new to this diagnosis. I may have had it for sometime and didn't know it. After learning I have this and exploring and researching it, I most probably did, and didn't know it. I had never heard of this before my dx. But the one thing that I have learned is that we are all different, and we can get better. Keep the faith and keep searching for answers. ~ Blessed Be... Sis

I had to go through this with my two grand daughters,aged 5 and 6. Kids are smart, so never lie to them. They are also very observant, so they will know all about your husbands symptoms already. What really helped for us was to always be aware of your demeanor. There is no way to hide what the disease is doing to him physically, but what the kids will really tune in to is the fact that he always has a smile and does not act worried around them. If he's like me, it will help him too.

If you and your husband have faith and trust in both God and your doctors, try to express that to the kids. It can really have a calming effect on you all.

Best of luck!!!