The Disappearing BUTT

I tried to think of making the Title sound not to striking, but, this is the best I could come up with...My question to 'ALL' is, am I alone in that my Butt has simply disappeared? I have always been able to fit snugly into my jeans and now they. I can understand my legs doing this but is it common for the rear-end to also disappear?...

Thanks for any and all comments.


Hi Roy, it’s muscle atrophy. I’ve
got the same in my “butt” calves and
thighs. Used to do a lot of hiking
and mountain biking, can’t do it anymore,
walking exhausts me. I’ve got sagging
skin on my legs and butt.

Hi Roy my husband also has slack in his pants, rear in disappeared !!!

I have legs a 14 yr old girl would be envious of thanks to CIDP I was a runner before it hit me and the muscle has just gone away I was hoping the same would happen to the waistline but no so luck.

as for the butt CIDP did a real number on my bladder so I usually have 'padding' that takes care of any noticeable lack of butt.

buying jeans is a nightmare tight bottoms and flappy legs

Yes, yes, yes! It’s from atrophy of the gluteus muscles which are considered trunk/hip muscles. They can cause or aggravate gait disturbances such as lurching, swaying from side to side, etc. Atrophy and disturbances in balance can add to the gait disturbances. Jeans are the least of your problems. To the extant that you are able, you can do specific exercises in your local gym that strengthen those butt muscles as well as the thigh, both front and back ( the Jammie’s and quads). Geeps

I meant hammies as in hamstrings not Jammie’s!!!

Thanks Geeps, bill2503, Carol and Bobby for your replies...

Any advice you might have on having to deal with the CIDP blues...would sure be welcomed...

Thanks again...


That' s a difficult problem with a ton of answers but mine is this: you HAVE TO get OUT and do something, ANYTHING , no matter how small. You WILL feel better.

Also, do exercise; something, anything. Exercise your thumbs if that's all you can do. I let the fact that I couldn't do most things at the gym stop me from doing anything! When I returned ( with my wife) even for uppers only, I felt hopeful not hopeless. I'm trying to concentrate on what I can do NOT what I can't.

Third and lastly, socialize! Have a beer with a neighbor, breakfast with a friend, make jelly, bread, a table, again anything and share it with someone -- give it to the mail person. I know it's hard but only you can make it easier.

I know I said lastly but one more suggestion is vital. L-A-U-G-H ! At yourself, at CIDP, at IVIG, and again ANYTHING. Rent a comedy DVD or Blu-Ray. Watch sit-com on TV. Record them for when you need them.

Good luck to all of us who "suffer" from those same "blues". Share them and it gets a tiny bit easier. Good luck, Geeps