This new drug called rituxan

Is any one receiving the new treatment called rituxan,my Dr wants to add this drug along with my ivig treatments but I'm scared of it just because it is a component of chemo.

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Hello, I had 2 Rituxan treatments but they were both almost 5 years ago.

I was given the option to try this treatment when I really started having nerve problems following Chemo for Hodgkin's. My Hemo doctor at City of Hope suggested it and I went ahead and tried it. I had two treatments and as I remember it they were about a week or so apart and lasted all day.

I was told at the time that I may or may not get any results and if I did they may only be temporary.

My neuropathy was advancing up to my knees at the time and I had a lot of pain when I walked. The Rituxan DID work and significantly reduced the numbness and pain. It seemed to push it all down to the bottoms of my feet AT THE TIME.

It's now been a little over 4 years and my neuropathy has returned, AMOST as it was at the time of the Rituxan treatment. I guess I'm one of those who received only temporary results. I do not remember anything bad from the treatment. YES I would do it again if it were offered.

I do not remember it being as bad as chemo at all. I am thankful for those comparatively better years.

I have now started IVIg. I hope my story helps. All the best to you and yours.

Thanks so much I'm on ivig and will also have rituxan once a month for 4 months you have been so helpfull!

Thanks for mentioning the Rituxan. Sorry, but I have not heard of that drug. Yesterday, I cut back on my dose of Cellcept, per my Neurologist; and in a month, I'll be off Cellcept. Then, depending on the results of a genetic test result for APBD (i.e., if it's negative or positive), I may start on a chemotherapy pill. I hope, if I go on a chemotherapy drug, the side effects are manageable. Good luck to you!

firecracker said:

Thanks so much I'm on ivig and will also have rituxan once a month for 4 months you have been so helpfull!

I've been on Rituxan. It was prescribed by my Rheumatologist for my Lupus and CIDP, to take along with IVIg.

I ended feeling worse, then got a UTI and a fever of 103.6. After a course of antibiotics, I got a second UTI and a fever of 104. Needless to say I quit and have never had another UTI. Keep in mind that we are all different and that is why we should try, keep good records, and make sure we have a doctor available.

I'm going to my neurologist tomorrow and will ask about Rituxan! I'll pass on what he say's.

I talked with my Neurologist about Rituxan treatments and he said as long I was doing well on my IVIG treatments, he wouldn't recommend it!

Our daughter is 14yo & has cidp for which she was been having ivig treatment for 2 years. Her neuro is in the process of getting approval for Rituxan. He says some patients only need 1 treatment, some once a year and some a bit more frequently but it will definitely be less often than the 5 weekly ivig. She will continue to have the ivig for the first few months then go off the ivig & see how it goes.