Tight Muscles

Aloha Everyone. Every morning I do stretching exercises. From my neck down to my ankles. Same routine, nothing rigorous and only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete it. During my stretching routine I find that the same muscles are tight everyday like it was the day before. Anyone else notice that their muscles are tight on a daily basis?

I get tight muscles and sometimes cramps in my right thigh and neck/shoulders/back. The back and shoulders are a side effect of Neurontin, caused by muscle spasms according to my doctor. i dont ever feel them spasm though.

My right leg just gets tight when i occasionally have some discomfort from a nerve in my thigh. It never happens in the left though, and I don’t have any nerve issues there. This started a few months ago, but i had GBS 2 years ago.

I used to have the same problem indeed. I felt like they were swollen or something like that. I did some exercises in the morning every morning to start the day. During the day the cramps, swollen feeling and tightness went almost away. The next morning it came back.