Time to Recover?

I am wondering how long the recovery period is for people using this support group. Is there any correlation between the onset of treatment or age or ?

I am 13 weeks past the onset of my symptoms which were treated with 5 days of intravenous anti bodies. It never affected my breathing, but I lost movement everywhere below my shoulders. I was hospitalized for 2+ weeks, then 3 weeks of acute inpatient rehab and now 8 weeks of outpatient rehab. I need to return to work but get tired very easily and have the pins&needles/shooting pain in my hands, feet and other joints. It sounds like some people never get better or others are better in months. Any ideas?

I am 54 and it is am almost 7 months since onset, I was in the hospital for 5 day. I have burning in my feet and legs, arms and hands are numb ands fuzzy and my mouth and tong are numb. Shooting pain, twitching and many other weird sensations happen at will some days are better than others. the better days are winning.

Thank you for sharing. It helps to know how long to plan for as the doctors don't really know or say.

Anne, I was discharged from hospital after 3 weeks of treatment and have been home for 2 months now. My breathing was not affected.

For the last 2 months I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and from last month I have been taking high strength B12 vitamin tablets and high strength cod liver pills. I believe undertaking these actions has speeded up my recovery.

Last week I was able to climb up and down stairs without the aid of a stick (previously up the stairs on all all fours), just using the handhold. Also my sense of balance has greatly improved. I am in the UK, so I do not how and what others have done to speed up their recovery.

The slowest part of my recovery is my grip and fingers, where all have said this takes the longest.

I too kept getting tired like yourself, but since sticking to the above my fatigue/tiredness and greatly reduced, but have not suffered with pins & needles.

Being like a lot of people new to GBS, recovery will vary. Others may guide your better more on this, but I strongly believe gym and the swimming pool work has been the best course of action I have taken.

Hope this helps.

My case was no where near as bad as your case was. But from reading other people's stories its going to take a year before you see real progress. Since you lost so much functioning. I would say each month you will get better. But like you said some folks make great recoveries and others are left with life long symptoms. I wish you the best.