Travel inoculation advice

Hello, I'm fairly new here, I was diagnosed with a mild case(so far) of CIDP 5 years ago, my main symptoms are numbness and leg pain (especially before getting up in the morning, with back pain also at that time, keep switching mattress with no further releif), but have not had any treatments yet, as the neurologist is awaiting further progressive signs in relation to strength/weakness. I see him every 6 months for all of the related tests.

I was advised by him last year not to get vaccinated against the flu,(although I did get the H1N1 vaccine approximately 4 years back...not sure if this had an effect or not) but I may be asked at work to travel in areas (such as India) where vaccination is required.

Does anyone have any advice, experience or opinion?


Check with your doctor whether any vaccines you may require are live culture vaccines as these are usually the problem with conditions such as CIDP because they tend to cause an immunological reaction in the body

Thanks Bill. when I see him in January, I will ask him that exact question.


My daughters docs have said no to vaccines until she is 6 months free of IViG treatments. Not going to happen for her.

Hi Momtosix, sorry for the late reply as it unfortunately went unnoticed...

Last time I seen the neuro he was not concerned with inoculation for specific 3rd world countries diseases. But nevertheless I'm avoiding to go there and really don't think it will be a concern as I've told management of my autoimmune condition, and just not worth the risk.

Thanks again for your response,