Treatment options?

I have been reading through a lot of the posts, and it looks like IVIG is the most common treatment. Has anyone been through the plasmapherisis for CiDP? I received three treatments when I had GBS, and it worked amazing for halting the progression of the symptoms. Is it just too expensive an option mostly? One more question…how much time does an average IVIG treatment take? Thanks to all…

Hi KathyP,

I have just started IVIG treatment, and it takes about 3 - 4 hours.

Hi I get 33 grams of IVIG in 600mls of liquid at the rate of 130ml per hours, it takes between 6-8hours unless something goes wrong.

Depends on how you tolerate the IVIG. Plasma plasmapheresis has more side effects and risks than IVIG. If the infusion is slower, it helps you tolerate it. Drinking lots of fluid is really important during the treatment

Hi Kathy.I just joined this site and you are my first attempt at discussion. I am a retired nurse. I had GBS in Feb.2011 and was in hospital for 7 weeks followed by 3 weeks in a rehab hospital. I had one course of IVGG on admission which didn't seem to work. I then had plasmaphloerisis 3 times a week. I was discharged home and 6 weeks later had an EMG, which was worse and the plasma treatments were restarted...2 (back to back) days a month. I have had 40 treatments and continue to have them. I have been told that I now have CIDP. It is my understanding that IVIG is more expensive per treatment,but I live in Canada so the cost is covered here. The research I have done states that one treatment is not better than the other, but one may help certain people more than the other. I have also read that plasma exchange seems to work better in the acute stage. My doctors want to try me on IVGG to see if it will work better. IVGG is a blood product and therefore it would take about 4 hours. Good Luck.

Who Long Does an IVIG Infusion Take?

An IVIG dosage regimen that I have heard repeatedly is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. That is what I get. Translated...a 150 pound person would get 68 grams. Some hospitals infuse it in a 5% solution (1,360 milliliters), others in a 10% solution (680 milliliters). I have had infusions at four different hospitals. They all infused it at 400 ml per hour. It typically takes 45 minutes to an hour from the time you check to the time the infusion is running. Once it is running (and assuming your hospital infuses at 400 ml/hour), 5% solution would take 3.5 hours and 10% solution will take take half that time. Some hospitals start the infusion rate slow and then ramp up to full speed after an hour. If so add in some time to account for that. Start to finish: a 150 pound person should be in and out in a little less than 5 hours if the hospital infuses it in 5% solution and around 3 hours if in 10% solution.

Hi Evan, it varies by person and how well your body is able to tolerante it. I take 60 grams and my treatment takes 9-10 hours at 75 ml per hour. Of course this is not the norm. The first time I got an IVIG infusion, I ended up in the er with chest pain, hence, the 75ml per hour.