Unusual Body Odor After IVIG

Has anyone noticed an unusual, medicinal-like body odor that lasts for several days after receiving IVIG? I did an online search, which did not turn up much. Seems like it tapers off after about 2-3 days. Good hygeine does not seem to help. Despite the lack of literature about this, our community probably can answer this better, since collectively, there is more experience here than anywhere else. Thanks.

Yes, I experienced this for quite some time. I think it’s the excess protein in our bodies. As I’ve recovered it has gone away. My husband only noticed now and then so I did not worry too much about it. Stay strong!

Well my wife says; "you don't stink", so I'll take her word for that and wanted to know why I would ask such a question, so I told her. Gary

my wife tells me it's a "yeasty" smell. mostly excreated from my scalp. usually most pungent 2-3 days aftre infusion