Update and Puzzled

I have a ton of dr appointments now that I feel well enough to go beyond my front gate. I feel bad mostly for my youngest, he will be 4 in June and it has been hard for me to be energetic enough to take him to play outside.

I really was in pain after the spinal tap and seemed like a had a relapse on top of relapse, although only pain and numbness and tingling. I honestly feel lucky to only have that.

Over the weekend, I woke up and only had pins and tingling in my hands and feet. The last time I had only that was Spring of last year.

I truly believe if I don't have CIDP, it is something auto immune that isn't showing up in tests, because my relapses always follow some sort of illness, cold, ear infection, etc.

It's easier to feel optimistic when I am feeling better, but I vow to not give up, no matter how crappy I feel to figure out what is wrong with me.

Until then, I am just trying to stay active, take supplements, and eat a little more organic. I just wanted to say, Thanks, to all of you that welcomed me, not knowing who I am or what was wrong with me.

LOL, it's nice to be so welcomed to what I feel is my own island of the misfit toys.


Hi Chris, glad you are feeling better. I had my first IVIg today. It went fine, but I am very tired. I am glad you are feeling better. Have you decided if you’re going to get another emg? Jo

Ugh, absolutely not, I don't need them to do midevil torture on me to know my body, LOL. It does tell me tho, that is def something auto immune. I am following up the doctor you go to and then also a rheumotologist. (sp)

Oh and how was IVig?

Only one more day of IVIg left in this first week. It went great. No side effects, except tired, and I am starting to feel some of my toes again. YAY!!!