Has anyone with cidp had the shingles shot

I haven’t had it, but I do wonder if it would affect anything? I usually get a flu shot every year, but I think my doctor is going to have me skip it this year, just to be on the safe side.


Rec'd my flu shot yesterday and I am sorry I had it. My legs ache from my feet up to my hips, have burning sensation, pins and needles, hands hurt, burning and pins and needles up to my elbows, have trouble walking. Last year I asked if it was OK to get flu shot and got the Ok, this year I did not, guess I should have asked first. Was not thinking, as each year the vaccines are different. I got a script from my GP for shingles shot, thought I'd ask if anyone has rec'd the shot. Do not plan on getting it w/out asking doctor.

I’m sorry that you had such a bad reaction to the flu shot, mamabear! I hope it doesn’t last long!