Weird Muscle Contractions

Has anyone had strong muscle contractions in your back muscles so strong that they keep you awake at night? They are not really painful but feel very strange. I was also diagnosed with steroid induced osteoporosis and don’t know if I may have fractured another vertebrae or if it’s the CIDP. Again, there is no real pain.

I have muscle contractions there and it seems like everywhere else also. However, along with CIDP, I am also being treated for kidney failure and was told to try magnesium before I go to bed. It has helped greatly.


Thank you so much! I didn’t even think to take magnesium! I take it for feet and leg cramps! LOL! I am going to take some tonight. Now maybe I will be able to sleep. Thanks again!

I get them in my legs and arms. I kick real bad. I have restless leg syndrome. But this is different. What dosage of magnesium do you take? Thanks for your help.

I take one 250 mg pill before bedtime, if I feel crampy. That is, if crampy is a word. lol

Do you mean fassiculations?

I have these in deltoids and trapezoid muscles. Without Ig treatment mine are much worse than this fellows. Mine look like fingers under the surface of my skin wanting to claw their way out.


Mine are actual slow full
Muscle contractions that stay contracted for several minutes and then release just to contract again. I put heat on my back which seemed to lessen them a bit. Just hoping I didn’t fracture another vertebrea or make the already broken ones worse. I don’t think I did though as it’s not really painful.

Thank you for the info though. Sounds like those could be really annoying!

Be well,