What do you like to do to occupy your time with?

For those of you who aren't able to work any more. What do you like to do to fill your time? If you do crafts, what kind of a craft do you do?

I'm hoping all of us can share our ideas to help others (including myself) come up with new things that we can do to fill our time.

Thank you,

It depends on the day- some are relativelt "good" days, and some are days almost completely spent in bed. On good days, I like to try and walk in an indoor local pool for 10-30 minutes (whatever my balance, leg strength and stamina will allow). This has not reversed, but halted my muscle wasting, and gives me a sense of well-being, relatively speaking. I try to also do very light things around the house (loading dishes, taking out garbage, light cleaning, minor home repairs, etc.). I have recently started eBaying some small items recently, which helps financially to a very small degree.

On the majority of days, I spend time passively with my family when they are home. Admittedly, I do spend a lot of time on the internet, surfing, studying, keeping up on my medical knowledge, etc., or sleeping or watching television- especially old movies.

What keeps me the most uplifted is my faith. I like to study Scripture, go back to the Hebraic roots of Christian faith, and get more in-depth with the Word of God.

Ben, like you, I would like to have more do-able activities to fill my time. Moreover, I would like those activities to be more than "something to do"- I would like for them to be physically, spiritually, psychologically, interpersonally, or financially productive. I am interested in what others are doing thay would fit in with ane or more of these aspects. Thanks for posing the question.

When I'm awake I like to go for short walks with my puppy, Sasha, and at home I like to do research on mental health and CIDP, but I never past up a good movie. Gary

I got a "brainstorm" the other night, since I can't paint or play my guitar for now, I've decided to take up photography, Ive already learned how to resize and touch up pictures, so my photos will only limited by my imagination. Gary

I play with my 2 Boxer dogs, I also surf the net and I enjoy doing small woodworking projects to keep me occupied when I am not going to the doctors or lab.

I love computers, my grand daughter called me at 9:00pm Friday night and said she couldn' t get her laptop to work, crappy WM 7. Oh well, so I installed Mint 13, so now she won't have any problems, or viruses. Gary