What we need!

... an on-site neurologist to set us straight, Ask your neuro to chime in here, tell him or her to think of it as a public service.

As a fiction writer in real life, I can shovel up the b.s. enough to make your head spin, but some of the suggested remedies for CIDP posted here make my head spin.

No neuro is going to do that sort of "public service". It is hard enough for them when they have a patient in front of them because the rarity of the condition confounds.
The absolute best advice you can give anyone who appears to be onto "fake" remedies - "snake oil" is to suggest they do some REAL research in the technical literature.

NOT Google - but a sister site Google Scholar - http://scholar.google.com/ - it adds becomes http://scholar.google.com.au/ here in Australia.

It can be frustrating but quite useful if you have the time and are determined.