Wheelchair Bound

Just curious about how many with CIDP have become wheelchair bound and do you ever recover enough to get out of it? I quickly went from walker to chair and now can only take a few steps at a time due to balance and pain issues and have to be assisted by my husband.

I have gone from chair to walker with the IVIG but I cant go far but that is progress. Where do you feel the pain?

Pain is in my feet. The balance issue is pretty severe. Don't think I could walk unassisted. The IVIG doesn't seem to help much. I have had 1 initial loading of 3 days treatment and 1 day treatment twice. Have another day of IVIG coming up the 1st of the month.

I use a power chair when I go out. When I am home I use a walker. I can only walk about 25 feet. I also have pain and balance issues. I am waiting to hear from my Dr. about my first IVIG treatments. I hope it goes well.

I was diagnoised in february. I went to cane in december, walker january, wheelchair february, march able to walk little at all. April stopped walking, May able to move myself and transfer, june to now cant move. My family has to transfer me. :frowning:
So discouraged because mine is progressive.