2 days of infusions with port cath left in for 2nd infusion

I had a power point port inserted last week. My first infusion with it was yesterday. They left the needle? in for the infusion today. The port is located in between my breasts. I was uncomfortable with it in and sleeping was difficult(I needed to sleep on my back) I was told not to shower until after the infusion today.(I get the infusions at home)They told me it was left in to decrease the chance of infection and to decrease the amount of sticks. Has anyone else experienced this?

My IVGG is given peripherally, but I am aware with power ports the needle can be left in place for up to 7 days (after which it should be changed). Sterile technique is used whenever the needle is inserted as precaution so to not introduce any bacteria into the port. When the port is used on more than one day it is common to leave the needle in place to decrease chance of infection with additional punctures and to avoid discomfort of repeated sticks. You very well may feel better with it being in left place with your 2nd treatment. Nancy, should discuss your discomfort and sleep with your infusion nurse today to evaluate your discomfort/sleep issue vs reasons for minimizing punctures. Good luck with today's infusion and with working this out.


I too get the infusions at home, in the arm and the port is left in overnight.
We make sure it gets cleaned well at the end of the first and before the second.
I wear tape over it at night to keep it in place better.
Not a great solution, but better than getting stabbed twice.

I receive 100 grams every 3 weeks, and look forward to smaller doses or a different solution since this is very time consuming.
Perhaps, after you have had the infusion a few times and react normal to them, you can talk the nurse into doing everything in one session.

Stay strong.


Yes. My infusions were for 5 days. I left my port in Mon.-Wed.; Had them take it out. On Thurs. they put it back in Thur.-Friday. I had a clear sealed bandage over mine that did not allow moisture in it. Mine, too, is a dual luman power power port. However, they told me I could shower as long as I didn't let the water run directly on the port. I did and the water never broke the seal. I have a showere head that you can remove and spray where you want to, so I showered every day. As long as you don't get moisture under the bandage, you should be okay bathing. Mine is to the left about and inch from center of the breast. I also have a single Port-a-Cath on the right that is about two inches from right shoulder bone. Both go through the jugular veins in the neck. I have been able to shower when both have been accessed.

I'm not familiar with a port cath being placed in the chest except for cases of plasmapheresis. My stick was in the wrist and was left in for 2 days. It's only when I'm having plasmapheresis that I have a port put in my chest or neck.

Thank you for your comments. They use a topical anesthetic spray to decrease the pain of the sticks. My surgeon told me the port can take up to 1000 sticks and removing the needle actually decreases the risk of infection. My latest problem is my provider of the infusions is not using a high volume tubing and this makes the infusion last longer. The nurses are at a loss as to why they continue supplying low volume tubing it takes over an hour longer for the infusion. I have informed the company I will no longer accept the low volume tubing. Has anyone had this tubing dilemma ?