2nd day of ivig

Does anyone know if sleeping the complete day is nornal after having 2nd dose?

I was pretty tired after my IVIG treatments - mine were done over a 5 day period for 5 hours from 9pm until 2am each day, with vitals taken every 15-30 minutes, so I wasn't getting much sleep in between. But I didn't sleep the entire next day. If you are also on pain meds and gabapentin, etc. that might cause you to sleep more.

I slept quite a bit on my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days of IVIG. The 5th and final day I was more alert. I think it has to do with all the work your body is doing fighting off the "nasty cells" in your body. I can't say whether it is "normal" or not, but, I remember I could hardly keep my eyes open. Best thing is to ask your neurologist.

Thank you for responding, I had 4 days straight of the infusions and they were about 3-3 1/2 hours each.

On the 4th day I started getting a migraine and running fever so the dr decided to do my 5th one on next tuesday.

After I got my fever down and rested a little I did have a little energy so I went out back to pick a few blueberrys for my sister n law. My husband thinks I'm faking my disorder and says I could do things when I want but others when I dont. I have tried to send him info on CIDP and invited him to go to the dr appts with me but what gets me is that on my 2nd EMG he was in the room . This was after I got out of hosp from 3 days of ivig. And he still don't believe me. Actually hes quit ugly to me and threatening to drop me from his insurance and divorce me.

Stress is the last thing I need and I have nobody here in virginia because I just moved here from Texas so stress and not having anyone has been terribly hard for me.