A book of interest

I have just found and ordered a book titled A Solitary Confinement by Robbin Shepphard about his journey with Guillain Barré. It has received very positive reviews and can be purchased through Amazon. I’ve ordered it and can’t wait to read it.
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Please let us know how the book is. I did a little research after reading your post and his case was worse than mine even and mine was labeled the worst my doctors had ever seen. I'm so glad my doctor put me in a medically induced coma because that allowed me to miss the worst of the pain and helplessness. Even through the Fentanyl drip though I did feel the pain. While I was unconscious my mind created a world to keep it occupied and at one point in that world I was being tortured, the skin flayed from my body, and I think that was my mind's response to the pain that the anesthetics were letting through. It was frustrating enough to wake up after missing six weeks of my life and not being able to talk or have enough strength to push a nurse call button. At one point I had to knock my ventilator hose loose to get someone to notice me.

I was very lucky that I went to the hospital at the first sign of symptoms and my condition was recognized by the doctor on duty in the ER. It appears that the longer it takes to make a diagnosis and begin treatment the more likely a person is to have permanent nerve damage and deficits.


Your friends here agree you gotta promise to practice wiggling your toes while reading.