Accupuncture and CIDP

I have heard a lot about the benefit of accupuncture in CIDP. Has any one used it and has it helped?

For myself, I really don't believe in it, I believe the benefit is psychological in nature. Gary

Thanks Gary, time will tell, so much of this is try it and watchful waiting. Psychology of it making me feel like I’m driving the bus and not just a passenger in it.

We are testing acupuncture for 3 weeks already ( for my wife with CIDP) and we begin to see the result with improvement on her hand. I will update the progress

It has been 2 1/2 years since my diagnose of CIDP. Have tried Acupuncture, Acupressure, all types of vitamins. Have gone through IVIG with no WOW!!! and tried the weed with no noticeable benefit. To this day my pain scale is average is a six + some days are a 10 or better but I do have days in the four to five range. It is good to hear that some of you have found relief. I see the frustration in my doctors eyes; why cannot we find something to give this 72 year man some relief. Am currently on 1200 mg of Neurontin, 50 mg of Cymbalta, 4 mgs of Dilaudid, 60 mg of Propranolol and 20mg of Xarelto, have been through the ivig routine so there is not much left to treat me. I will be trying Rituxan in the couple of weeks, I pray daily for a day that I do not cry because of the intensity of pain in feet, ankels legs, fingers and hands. I pray for all of you too for there is no or very little social life. I use to play soft ball, volley ball, bowled on two leagues and was the neighborhood fixum up guy and when we went dancing the gals always wanted to dance with me. Am sorry if this sounds like I am down in the dumps guess I just needed to vent. Stay up and stay positive.

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I’m with you Roger. Nothing has helped. I’m handing it to a higher God. Perhaps that’s all i have left. Keep strong one day at a time :heart: