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Hi All,

I have had CIDP for several years now .. IVIG monthly and maybe keeping it at bay any further deterioration slow. I have a few other problems but my newest one is prostate cancer which the doctors have recommended not to treat but simply observe and anyway " I will probably die of some of my other ailments first". Having a look to see what I may be able to do for myself I note MANY good references to Cannabis Oil on the net, scientists , doctors , good testimonials etc. I am brewing it all over in my mind but wondered in the meantime if anyone has tried cannabis oil for their CIDP.


I'm off to Washington state for a two-week vacation. On advice from my neurologist and my oncologist I will try cannabis. THe human body produces a pain reliever for the cannibus receptors, see (endocannabinoids (produced naturally in the body by humans and animals and also found in small quantities in chocolate)).

The rational for the trip is to determine which cannibus strains are the most effective, which methods for introduction into my body is the most practical. Before I go through all the rigamarole and expense to obtain legal cannabis here in Hawaii, where I can grow it, use in my home or clinic, if licensed, I want to know definitively if it will really work.

I have no interest in the "high". Pain from CIDP is a definite "low" in my life

What I find infuriating about the whole brouhaha surrounding cannabis is the fact that heroin is really only morphine, that it comes from a poppy plant... but morphine has saved my life more than once (four times actually). Both are and have been for centuries pain relivers.

If I can get over the 20% of pain that remains after I take full doses of two powerful prescription pain-killers I will be very satisfied and able to get on with a productive life.

I will be happy to report back my findings.


Hi All, Interesting following the discussion. There is a lot of talk about inhalation .consumption , highs etc but I have heard that weak suppositories comprising a small part of CO with Cocoa Butter inserted daily for prostate cancer has been successful in stagnating prostrate cancer growth with little bad side effects( no physco) but with other unexpected good side effects for some other ailments.( eg sleep / breathing/ blood pressure)... Seems no positive feedback yet on CIDP....Personally have doubts that it will assist CIDP Perhaps the extensive earlier posting explains that....There is no doubt that back yard experimentation is dangerous unless you have access to the requisite skill and knowledge to avoid some of the undesirable consequences mentioned in the earlier posting. Keep posting


Keep us posted on the cannibus experiment.'" "Good luck

C yes and yes " " Oziurn

Chrissy Schell said:

Keep us posted on the cannibus experiment. Good luck

Hi all, I am new to this site and have had CIDP for about 15 years. I have gotten really bad pain in the last 4 years, in my hands and feet. I have gotten were I can hardly do anything anymore. I have gotten a medical card for cannabis, I live in Mi. I have been experimenting with different strains of marijuana. I did try hash oil, terrible, tasted like butane. NEVER try it. I have found that smoking a strain that has very little THC in it does not help with pain that much. At least for me, you need some THC, not a lot. I have found a strain that has helped my pain, but it needs just a little less THC in it. My husband is growing a plant with less THC. I will keep you posted on it. When and if you try it, start off very low. Marijuana now a days is a lot more stronger than years ago. Also there are a lot of different strains. Read up and make yourself knowledgeable on the subject.



I was able to get it right from the source. My friend in Washington state is a licenced cannabis grower. I tried very pure strains of india and sativa, in many forms: oil, edible, smoked, vaporized and the sativa strains, with low THC worked best. Some strains worked to relieve pain from CIDP, some didn't. However, hybrid strains of indica/sativa really worked to lessen pain, anxiety, lift spirits, provide creative energy, and diminish stiffness. But I'll have problems getting these hybrid strains here until dispensaries are legal in Hawaii in 2016.

My conclusion is that the longer one has undiagnosed CIDP, the worse the axonal damage will be and the worse off one's life will be. After seeing the progressive nature of cannabis in WA, it makes me wonder, again, why all the bruhaha. I was paranoid of pot, but now I realize how simple-minded I was. Believe me, go there, look around and your fears will probably dissipate quickly. Fear of medical pot is similar to fear of gay medical doctors, etc.

I've applied for a Hawaii licence and after doing the math for a daily (relapse) consumption amount, and knowing the effective dose (which is VERY small amount and in capsule form) the cost is less than gabapentin (which I will still continue to take). The key is knowing the effective amount to take. Too much, you just get sleepy. Not enough, no benefit.

I also discovered that smoking a strain high in THC entertaining, amusing, and when combined with a swimming pool, a fine meal, good wine and friends becomes the good life... again. Perhaps I can soon once again enjoy Maui in a new cannabis light and life. But I still look forward to moving to Connecticut, to the New Haven area to escape a one hospital island and swarms of such frenetic and eager Chinese tourists. My God, they're all millionaires!

To live in chronic pain is a fool's choice if other options are open, if one is stuck in the ruts of wagon wheels past.

I just saw an article that states that Cannabidiol (marijuana) helps heal broken bones faster and results in stronger bones. What's around the corner? or What will be the future use? And as an aside. My sons used the medical marijuana for extreme joint pains and it worked wonders for them.