Antibiotics while on ivig

Has anyone been taking antibiotics while getting ivig? Does anyone know if these treatments react with each other?

I have been on antibiotics while getting infusions, and had no side effects at all. But, everyone is different. Why don't you check it out with your Dr. Good luck

I have with no problems at all.

What kind of antibiotics? Oral or IV? I am getting ready to start IVIG again after being off since Nov. 2007 and am very nervous. I am currently on IV antibiotics long term and didn't even think about that interfering with the treatment.Please let me know. Thanks!!

i have been taking oral Antibiotics and no prblem

Thanks, gp didn’t know what CIDP was, which is why I asked. I’m taking an oral antibiotics for infection in my leg after a fight we ith grinder. Grinder won! Just asked the nurse giving me treament she said no worries as well. Thanks again for reinforcement. :slight_smile: