Awesome news to report

As some of you know I am fairly new to CIDP for me it started in late july.I had 10 infusions of IVIG.Then my doctor put me on Prednisone and Famotidine.I was at the point where I needed a walker to get around.Fast forward to now and I`am walking on my own and doing pretty good.In fact feeling so good that this coming saturday I will be dusting off the golf clubs and going out to play.I have lost ALL the numbest in my hands and feet,I`am driving the car again.I`am not 100% their yet but a lot better then just 6 weeks ago.It really for me is a miracle.

So take it from me their can be light at the end of the tunnel,I`am living proof

Good for you! We all hope to be there one day. Fortunately for you it seems the damage might not have been as bad as mine! And I’m envious! Lol!
Play a good game and enjoy!

That's AWESOME! So glad to hear of your remarkable recovery. Hope you just keep getting better!!!

Oh my!!!! I am so excited for you!!! My brothers one wish is to play golf again!!!

Good for you John. I just started playing again for the first time in 5 years. I went a few times a week all summer.

Better than Yoga.

Just a follow up.Saw my doctor and he was thrilled at my progress so much so that I don`t have to go back to see him for 3 months.My golf game is coming around.I`am playing almost every day now.With no pain and my legs feel good.I could`† have asked for a better christmas present.

While at my doctor he told me of a new patient of his a police officer in his early 50`s that just came down with CIDP.My doctor told me he was big time depressed.So I decided to give him a visit in the hospital.I told him I was in your same exact position only a short 7 weeks ago.Now look a† me.I said don`† give up hope you will improve.And I think my visit helped as I got a smile out of him.I wished him all the best.It made me feel good as well.