Back to school

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to check in and ask for some advice. I just started school again and am still having problems, now they are worse though. My toes have gone completely numb, I still walk weird, and now my mom isn't even taking me to the podiatrist. I think she is at the point where she doesn't want to deal with me anymore. Can someone help and tell me what I should do?

Instead of the podiatrist you might want to ask your mom to take you to a neurologist. The neurologist is the one that can properly diagnose your gait (walking problems) and hypoesthesia (numbness). You might be beyond the podiatrist's capabilities at this point. Have you actually been diagnosed with CMT? Does your mom have CMT as well? Is your diagnosis a genetic test or nerve conduction velocity test, or observation based?

When I was 15 or so I was going to the podiatrist for my feet problems and I got some good orthotic inserts for my shoes. They helped a bit. As I got older, my CMT progressed to where the podiatrist couldn't really do anything anymore. I went to a neurologist. He prescribed ankle-foot orthotics (leg braces or AFOs) and those helped immensely! I was able to walk so much further, so much faster, and with less pain and energy expenditure. I still use AFOs today. I am on my third pair now! They last for a few years if you get good quality ones. A prosthetist will custom make them after you get the prescription and will adjust them until they are comfortable.