Tried this med for spasms. Didn't like it. Made me goofy in the head had decrease muscle control in my legs. It did take away the zingers for a few hours.

Have you tried pregabaline? It worked for me!

I have been on Baclofen for 3 years. When I told my Neuro I didn’t think it was working for the tremors in my arms and legs anymore…he just increased the dosage. My primary said that due to the high dosages gabapentine, nortriptyline and zonisamide I take there may be a risk of seratonin storm with another muscle relaxer. So I guess I am stuck…it’s still not helping.

Have you tried "Cramp 911"? It works on muscle spasm. It is a roll on lotion. It is sold in drug stores and at Amazon. You rub it on the affected area, works within a few seconds. Really, it does. I use it all the time.