Cardiac abnormalities and CIDP

Just wondering if anyone had experienced abnormalities in their heart caused by CIDP.

All day today my heart has been missing a round 2 beats every minute basically its ta-dum..ta-dum..ta-dum...............ta-dum..ta-dum with a strange sensation in the chest, I have been to the ER but my ECG was normal, chest clear, breathing normal and they just let me go with a don't worry about with a 'its probably nothing' pep talk.

please answer quickly just incase I shuffle off during the night and don't get to read the responses

No shuffling today.

First let me say that I'm just 8 weeks into my CIDP symptoms. So what I'm about to say is completely unrelated because it predates my CIDP by years.

I'm 39. When I was 33, almost over night, I started having PVCs (premature ventricular contractions, aka "skipped heartbeats"). It was super scary as I'm sure you're feeling now. At its worst it is several times per minute. And they can go at that rate for days.

It is now 6 years later and I still have them. Every day. When I am under more stress than usual they are exacerbated. But sometimes they just come anyway. When I feel like I'm eating well, under less stress, and getting exercise they seem to be at their minimum. When at their minimum it is possible I go days without them - either that or they are just so infrequent throughout the day that I don't notice.

I've been assured by a cardiologist that they mean nothing and are not harmful at all. It is hard to believe that because of how they feel. Not that they hurt, but they are followed by a tiny bit of adrenaline or something. But the experts seem to agree they are harmless (so long as your heart is healthy). Research online backs that up. And me living with it for 6 years with no issue also backs that up.

So what I'm saying is this: yes they are scary and weird and uncomfortable, but trust what the experts are telling you. They found nothing wrong because nothing is wrong. The nasty circle here is the more you stress and worry about it, the more they'll happen.

Anyway, I hope my words helped somewhat :)

Cheers for the response its absolutely true its the feeling that is the scary part at first I thought it was my colon going in and out of spasm until I checked my pulse and to be honest totally freaked out.

I do have cardiac issues but was assured that they were not present today to a detectable level just having the exam come back clean has made the world of difference, Strangely enough its not happened again in the last 2 hours I hate my body its always pulling stunts on me trying to scare the life out of me.

I have SVT, but it predates my CIDP.