Chairs, do you have a favorite?

With having a bad back, finding the right chair is a challenge! I'm like Goldilocks going from one to the other! The longest periods I spend sitting are here on Ben's Friends and I have a special chair which I also wheel around to the kitchen and dining room table. I don't really sit to watch TV, I lay flat on the couch or bed.

Some are a fan of recliners, but they just make my lower back worse, please share with me what kind of chair is your favorite.

I found a low height swivel rocker at a thrift store. It's very easy to get up from and it's padded firm to support my back. I love it even though it doesn't match my colors in the room. I just want comfort.

I am like Goldilocks too....from chair to chair to chair to bed to whatever. Very frustrating. It would be nice to be comfortable. Maybe someday.

Hi Martha,

Having sold furniture for years, I think I know exactly which chair you are referring to, they are very comfortable and supportive, I am thinking of somehow clearing out some room and getting one.

You know, after a while, it's all about function and comfort, everything else seems unimportant!

Glad you found 'your chair'!

Oh, what a pair we are Braylin's gramma!

Hope you soon find the perfect chair and bed!

I don't know if ya'll are just talking about chairs in your homes or wheelchairs too, but I have a problem getting comfy in either one. My wheelchair is soooo uncomfortable my hubby got me a padded cushion for my seat but it does not help my back. Then at home I go from chair to bed to couch to chair to bed again. It seems to be a vicious circle. Good luck to all of you out there and I love being here with all of you. You are like family for me.


Hi there jnj, I am very happy to hear from you! Thanks for joining in!

I have not yet had to spend a lot of time in a wheel chair, though I know it's in my future, but my mom recently did with a hip break, and she told me how horribly uncomfortably they are. Said her back hurt where it never did before. Seems they made them convenient (able to fold) but did not put much thought into posture or support, much less comfort! What are they thinking...seems they are NOT!

Perhaps it's time to let the manufactures know about this, even suggest they start sitting in them for long periods of time, and then maybe some changes would come about!

I know, it's hard to get comfortable anywhere in anything for long!

We love having you here and look forward to hearing from you more often, if you can!

Wishing you well,


Thanks I love to be on here when possible but with the TN doing so much damage to my optic nerves I do have many days I can see well enough to be on here long. That is another thing I wish some one could make, a magnifier that attaches to the whole screen to make it bigger or is hand held and reads the screen for you.

Now back to the chair. I metioned the cushion for my wheelchair it does help enough to keep from wanting to cry after a whole day in the chair. He found it in one of those magazines that come all the time in the mail that is full of junk. This time one had this cushion. It has washable fabric all over except on the seat part has like a wooly cottony cover. Then inside is filled with a gel pad to give comfort and shift with you as you move. I think he paid around $ 15 dollars for it. I would give it thumbs up. So if anyone is looking for a cushion I would order one of these they do help with your bottom just not with your back.


Hi Jeritta,

What a pretty name!

You may already know this, but there is a tool just below the 'x' at the very top right of your screen, there are 3 horizontal bars, click those. About half way down the list that comes up when there is a 'zoom' that will allow you to make the text very large.

I myself am NOT very computer literate, so as I discover these new things (new to me), I pass them on. Hopefully this will allow you to see the screen more clearly. I know there are times I need to make the text very large!

That gel pad sounds like it could be a good idea for this office chair that I drag through the house! Thanks so much for the tip. Seems as though we may have helped each other out today!

Hope you can be on more often, the more the merrier!

Take care,



So sorry to hear that you also struggle with TN, there are people on just about every Ben's Friends group who have this. Though I don't think I'm included, my sister in law has suffered this for at least a decade after a root canal.. My heart goes out to you, I know the pain is excruciating!

for others unfamiliar with TN, here is a link

I too have bought cushions and pillows to try to help with comfort so far no luck. I think I have enough now to start my own store. Jeritta.....I think I may have the same cushion with the wooly seat part. I may have the same one. Is it blue? I bought mine out of a catalog too. I tried using it on a kitchen chair when I was beading and also in my recliner but it didn't work actually made my legs and back hurt worse when I used in on the kitchen chair. Could be because I have short legs and I couldn't plant my feet properly sitting on the cushion. Glad it works for you though!

Thanks for the tip about making the writing bigger on here I will give that a try. Yes it does seem like we both had a chance to learn today. Gramma, I am so sorry that the cushion has not worked for you. I use mine in wheel chair so I can the foot rest up to meet my height requirments. That may be the ditterence. I am so sorry. I hope you can find something that helps.

I am going to have to get off here now I can't see what I am typing anymore.