Any suggestions on where to find a good outdoor chaise lounge?

I want a good quality, super comfortable chair to sit up, put my feet up, or lay down outside! Anyone have any idea where I can find one?

I want to 'lay out' without the bathing suit! Wait, that didn't sound right! LOL! I want a chaise lounge for outdoors, like the kind you would want to tan on, except I plan to just wear regular clothing!

Hope everyone else got a big chuckle out of that! I actually had to laugh at myself!

I have found some good ones in Brylane homes in the "plus size" furniture section of the catalog or online. They are sturdier it seems because they hold more weight.....just my opinion :)

Oh thank you! Great idea! Looks like a good one. Sorry this is just the cover, my friend hes it and she has Fibro and loves it , seems low , if you cne get help getting up.

Thank you, Rita!