CIDP and aspergillus niger

What does anyone know about the correlation between aspergillus niger and CIDP ? The Dr at my infusion location suggested that I have my neurologist look at my most recent MRI of my head for spores? I had a very bad infection in my ears from aspergillus niger after putting out a large fire or rotting vegetation that had been set on fire. I was unprotected for hours. It took clearing the ears with boric acid several times to clear them externally .

I was tested for aspergillus. It can be neurotoxic. It may present in different ways. There is an aspergillus antigen they can test for, and IGG and E testing also. Another thing to think about is if there were dormant spurs remaining they may become active with immune suppressants. I have been addressing every little thing that could aggravate my immune and it has made a huge difference. Good Luck

Mabes Thank You so much . I have continued to have problems with my ears but no sign of the black spores. I have learned so much with this group . : )