Need to know

Hi Folks,

I would like to know if anyone has heard from a neurologist, read from any medical sources, or by word of personal experience, whether having orthoscopic miniscus repair on a full tear, would exacerbate CIDP with Fibro. How about Rotator Cuff repair? Sorry if I am misspelling words, I have a concussion among other yucky injuries from someone "t-boning" me. Thanks.

Before my HSCT at Northwestern, I had to have a minor surgery. I was told that any surgery and anesthetic could bring on a flare of symptoms. After surgery, they were careful to watch me for a few weeks to see if any symptoms were developing before I could proceed with HSCT. If it is necessary, do the surgery just be aware it could trigger a flare.

Thanks. Does anyone know if an auto accident can definitely cause CIDP to greatly worsen? My car got t-boned on Dec 20th and symptoms were doing fairly well, until then. All hecky has seemingly broken loose:)

Hi Lori:

My infusion RN stated that she has several patients who have developed CIDP after a surgery. That's all I know.

Lisa in Mich

Lori, I don’t know if can be directly related but any stress on the body can trigger an immune response.