CIDP and mental confusion/inability to concentrate

Hi All. I was diagnosed with CIDP a few months back and have undergone the first loading dose of IVIG. I’m on this board today trying to find out if anyone has also encountered mental confusion/brain fog/ inability to concentrate either as a result of the CIDP itself or the IVIG. Mine comes and goes and is accompanied by bouts of hand and arm tremors and I have trouble holding a basic conversation without becoming confused and agitated as a result. My latest episode was yesterday. After a beautiful time with the family in the am, my hands/arms and feet started acting up with tremors, pins and needles and the next thing I know I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t recall events, had an extremely hard time communicating with family and also became extremely irritated. For someone who is used to having an extremely accurate memory and quick wit, the change is both frustrating and scary. For this episode, ive been liek this (off and on) since last Sunday, over a week now. Just wondering if others have experienced anything similar? Thanks for taking the time to read.

I did a quick search and came across this:

Seems you are certainly not alone, but maybe someone has had success dealing with these symptoms?

Thank You for the reply. Neuro here in NYC ordered a brain MRI and an MRA. waiting on the results of the MRA as the MRI found possible inflammation of blood vessels. Also on schedule for spinal tap. Not knowing or having any idea of what is causing this is unsettling.

It is very unsettling, I’m glad it sounds like you have a neurologist who is working hard to find out. Please keep us posted on your progress because it may help others going through the same thing.

Thanks. MRA came back normal. Waiting for spinal tap to be approved.

I am 42 years young, married with 4 children and live in Perth WA Australia. I was struck down with GBS in 2012, and two years later I was diagnosed with CIDP.
I am thrilled to have found a patient support network as I feel quite alone here in Australia. We dont have the expertise here, with specialists still learning themselves.
I had IVIG the first time round with GBS, but because I could walk (BARELY) with CIDP they chose not to give me the IVIG. It has been a long road to recovery, taking day by day.
I was facinated with your blog on mental confusion, as my memory is affected by CIDP.
It is the simple things like conversation Ive had and cant recall, or are foggy.
I have numbness and pins and needle everyday, and have painful dizzy spells especially if i stand up too quickly.
I look forward to sharing my story with you.