Yesterdays consult

Hi guys,

Thank you all so much for your replies it is so nice to know that this community is so supportive! Any way after seeing the MS neuro yesterday he has said that he thinks it's possible I have MS, Myelitis or Lupus so depending on the results of my tests he thinks I will probably have somne intravenous steroids.

It looks like he is convinced it is my central nervous system that is under attack because I have positive oligoclonal bands. He has discounted the possibility of it being CIDP which to be honest makes me wonder if I should really trouble you guys with all this? After all a lot of you have CIDP which it seems I don't have, but if you don't mind me staying on here to share my experience I'd love to stay.

Thanks once again

I don't mind you staying at all. Neurological disorders of this type are all very similar and so are the symptoms, so you may be able to educate us further with MS, if that's what you've actually got. Gary