CIDP or not CIDP? Pain off the scale!

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I have severe pain as a main symtem as well. Not only feet but spinal pain as well. Walking or standing much at all feels like walking directly on bone despite my padded slip on sandels. The pain in my back moves around from high to low.

I had two emg studies that show axon damage as well as meylin. Diagnosed in March of this year. My symptoms came on very suddenly. I know the day I first felt tingling in my feet. Never had any neuropathy symptoms in my life prior to Jan 20th 2012. They say I'm headed for a wheelchair and it may be so. I take no meds but am about ready to give in and forget about addiction. IV steroids did nothing for me, IVIG gave me Chemical meningitis and put me in hospital for 6 days. i'm told I can never receive ivig again. I go to the university of MO hospital now to try and get final diagnoses...