Climbing stairs

How difficult is it for you guys to climb stairs. My mom needs someone behind her and Infront of her to climb the stairs. Also if it was bad initially did you feel that it got better with time?

In the first few months after I was diagnosed climbing stairs was very difficult, in fact at times I simply couldn’t. Now I can ascend/descend without much difficulty. I receive IVIG monthly.

I too had a very difficult time climbing stairs, to the point where I lived in my room because it was to difficult. When I started receiving IVIG it became better. My insurance company changed and the new company has refused my IVIG and I again am having trouble with the stairs among other things. IVIG is an amazing drug!

I can't walk or climb stairs. My pain has calmed down a little bit. My leg weakness has become much worse. I am on IVIG every three weeks and this has helped my hands some. I was only diagnosed in January 2014.

The first year, stairs & escalators were difficult and a bit terrifying. I felt that I could lurch forward and fall. It's been 6 yrs and lots of IVIg, stairs are totally doable now. Going up escalators is no problem but going down I'm a bit tentative.

Hi, I have the same difficulty as your mom. I have not yet found any relief. I use a stair lift at home and a scooter for doctors' appointments.