Facial numbness

Does anyone else have facial numbness? My chin has been tingling for a few weeks and seems to be doing it more frequently. It's been my experience that when the tingling starts the numbness isn't far behind. Is facial numbness common in CIDP? I don't see a lot about it on the internet.

Thanks !

yes. I have had facial numbness on the left side of my face for several months now. It also affects my speech. Slurred words etc. It has not improved or gotten any worse and affects the left side only.

Yes, I had facial numbness too. Even my tounge went numb and I was eating like a chipmonk trying to pusch food out of my cheeks towards the back of my mouth so I could swollow. I had to drink quite carefull otherwise I would make a big mess, I could not drink easy with a straw, because my lips would not seal arround it. Thanks to IVIG I have regained it and only miss my blink reflexes. I keep thinking its going to get better and it is. Hope this helps.

Oh, gotta be extra careful not to bite your tongue. Sure hope th IVIG helps this go away soon.

In periods of high stress, I've had days where I've had numbness/tingling in my face. It has not been permanent for me, though this could be due to regular IVIG keeping me in check.

I don't know if this diease is the cause of my face being numb? I had several years just before my diease was found, these strange hot spots, I call them. That is what it felt like...The spots were no bigger then a quarter size round. Also if you ever been hit in the head and felt the swelling well it was simular to that feeling..but in these little spots all in a row one after another getting hot and felt like raising up.

on the sides of my face in my hairline near my face was these spots of raising and lowering of hot spots...they were burning.....they went from near my chin up to the side top of my head staying in the hair line all on my left side.

On my right side I had only one spot towards the top of my head but inside the hair line near my face like the left side but this was my right side.

I had it several times. ...it's been a while now since then. Every once in a while I have maybe one spot act up.

I hope this might help you know your not alone.

I get tingly and numb feeling on my toungue and lips and sometimes the tip of my nose when I get over tired. It is the signal to me that I have over done it and had better go lay down before I fall out .

I too have numbness down one side of my nose and my top lip but when i have had my infusions this goes away but returns about a month later :)

I also have numbness and tingling on my lips and the tip of my nose. Too, I have double vision "up close", but I don't have any "distance" problems. I get odd sensations, like bugs crawling on my head, and my legs, feet and toes get sharp "pin-point" pains, like a bee sting, but they don't last long. A new sensation has my lower legs and feet feeling like they are made of cardboard and both hands, especially the "baby" fingers, feel like I am wearing a bandage that is too tight.

I did get some early relief from IVIg infusions, but had to stop taking it because it made my Pulmonary Fibrosis worse.

Because my legs and feet are having these "new" symptoms, I am falling a lot more, lately. I don't realize I am off balance until I'm on my way down. So far 2 sprained ankles and a few bruises, no broken bones thankfully.

Have fallen countless times over the past 11 years but no serious ones till last year when i went over on some ice outside on my garden path,it was like in slow motion,my feet could not counter balance my weight and i went down like a puppet with its strings cut lol.Timber i shouted lol.Ended up shattering my kneecap in two,had to have it wired up and spent a week in hospital.While i was in hospital my treatment was due so i just got transported up a couple of floors and had my infusions.

You can google "Miller Fisher symdrome".

It can be, when I first started experiencing symptoms that was one. It then lead to TJN which is like no other pain I've ever felt in my life.